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Return to your senses.
Feel more. Stress less.

Find calm in modern cities. Relief stress with expert virtual care by Anja Humljan.

Finding calm is difficult in our busy lives. But, it is possible. 

70% of your health depends on your behaviour & environment.
Retouch is all about being mindful of behavioural habits as well as retouching your living space to meet your senses’ needs.
If not, the senses get over/under stimulated causing you extra stress.

So, I created retouch to help you take care of both.

Begin your journey to a healthier & calmer you with retouch support.




My Modern Met

“Helping people feel connected to their environments”


“Finding balance in modern cities”

The Weather Channel

“Supporting a less stressful and more positive city lifestyle”


“Finding inner peace and calm can be difficult in our busy lives, especially if those lives happen to be in major cities. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible”


“I like seeing girls innovating! How cool is that!”

The 6 Million Dollar Story

“Thumbs up, a brilliant idea, indeed.”




“Don’t we all wish for less stress and a more positive city life”


“The message is so positive that it cannot be ignored: do not try to escape from the environment that surrounds us but immerse yourself in it, body and mind”

The power of being mindful
knowing your senses

for more health and less stress


Easy as
be, sense
and retouch


Be in the present

Place your attention to the
present moment and break
the stress-reaction cycle.

Sense what you need

Complete our sensory
assessment and discover
your sensory needs.



Retouch your home & office

Receive your personalized retouch
manual and retouch your home &
office to meet your senses’ needs.

“Anja is an excellent program facilitator. She led us through the process of learning with patience, understanding and calmness.”

“Anja is professionally well-versed and offers good support in the implementation of the program.”

“Anja works calmly, knows the subject well, so she is the right person to carry out the programme.”

Meet Anja

Anja Humljan is a human architect. As the founder of retouch she is the leading expert in adapting architectural environments for sensory diversity, which brings more health & less stress.

She is an international author of the book The Urban Yoga, whose unique approach to fnding balance in modern cities appeared in 200+ publications worldwide.

Anja was an academic fellow at the Singapore School of Medicine. Working across Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia she brings to the table a globally proven track record of recognition.


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